RSAC 2021: Post Event Webinar
Insights & Trends From RSAC 2021: Perspectives from a CEO & CTO
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Hear from ThycoticCentrify’s CEO and CTO on the five top trends from RSAC 2021 that are surefire ways to strengthen your organization’s resilience.

Each year we like to identify cybersecurity industry trends through our partnership and sponsorship of the RSA Conference. Knowing these trends can help strengthen your resilience and help protect your organization from the increase in cyber-attacks and an expanding attack surface that now includes Cloud, DevOps, Containers, Microservices, and more! All of which has made securing access to the modern IT landscape more challenging than ever.

During this webinar, ThycoticCentrify’s CEO Art Gilliland and CTO, David McNeely share their perspectives on insights and trends from RSA Conference 2021, as well as discuss how the PAM industry is responding to the theme, Resilience.

Top Five Trends You Will Learn About
  1. Zero Trust/ Zero Standing privileges
  2. Digital Transformation and securing the expanding attack surface
  3. DevOps and PAM-as-code
  4. Empowering machines to protect themselves
  5. PAM for multi-cloud environments, how to secure cloud-based assets

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Our Speakers
Speaker 1
Art Gilliland, Chief Executive Officer
Speaker 2
David McNeely, Chief Technology Officer

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