Post RSAC 2021: Recharge Zone
May 26, 2021  |  7:00AM PT
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Post RSAC Event with Barry’s Bootcamp: Are You (Zoom) Red Room Ready?

Join ThycoticCentrify for an after-the-event burn…in a Recharge Zone break, featuring Barry’s Bootcamp! This is a 45-minute HIIT style full body class for beginners to experts. Get ready for a little post RSAC fun with some other Cybersecurity Leaders...which might even include a little muscle flexing.

What is Barry’s?
The Best Workout in the World™®. Founded in West Hollywood in 1998, it’s the original strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides a dynamic, high-intensity workout that’s as effective as it is fun. This virtual at-home class only requires your bodyweight and a mat (if you have one) and will focus on your full body.

Will I be okay if I’m a beginner or not already in shape?
Don’t worry! Barry’s welcome beginners and meet a lot of them every day! If it’s your first time, you can make modifications. We don’t have a “beginner’s class.” Barry’s classes are created for you to challenge yourself — you can set your own level, depending on your experience.

What’s your week look like? Sign up early (space is limited) and meet us in the (Zoom) Red Room.

BONUS ALERT: We are raffling off a Barry’s 5-class pack and Apple Watch for anyone that attends! Winners will be announced at the end of the class.

Questions? Please contact: [email protected] 

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