As your organisation formulates a cloud security strategy, it is important to remember that the #1 cause of today’s breaches is privileged access abuse. And it takes just one single compromised privileged credential to impact millions of data records and result in millions of euros in fines.

Centrify would like to personally invite you to our roundtable dinner on 22nd April at 6:30pm at Tante Koosje where we will be discussing cloud security strategy, and how you can limit your organisations exposure to attacks with an identity-centric, Zero Trust model.

During our dinner, we’ll discuss:

  • Digital Transformation drivng cloud adoption
  • Key threats for cloud environments 
  • Best practices for cloud security confidence in a world of Zero Trust 
  • How to apply these best practices to critical privileged cloud access use cases 
  • The benefits of Zero Trust Privilege 

Looking forward to welcoming you in person on the 22nd April!







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