Five Top Benefits of Using Windows Group Policy to Secure and Manage UNIX, Linux and Mac Systems

Centrify Expert Webinar and Complimentary White Paper

Enforcing standardized security and configuration policies to meet government and industry security regulations remains one of the most difficult challenges facing IT departments that are responsible for large numbers of mixed Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac servers and desktops. While IT administrators can use Group Policy to globally secure and manage Windows systems, Linux, UNIX and Mac systems are frequently managed manually or through time-intensive scripted methods. Third-party solutions require a separate policy server infrastructure and still cover only a subset of systems.

Centrify DirectControl provides IT departments, for the first time, with a comprehensive solution for global policy enforcement by extending Windows Group Policy services to Linux, UNIX and Mac systems. In this live webinar, Linux, UNIX and Mac admins will get a concise overview of how Group Policy works from Jeremy Moskowitz, author of authoritative works on both Windows Group Policy and Windows/Linux integration. Centrify's David McNeely will then explain the workings of the Group Policy engine that is seamlessly built into DirectControl and the unique benefits of using it for non-Windows policy enforcement. He'll also demonstrate using Windows Group Policy to lock down user and security settings on a Mac desktop system.

Topics Covered:
  • How Windows Group Policy Works.
  • Top 5 Benefits of Using Group Policy to Secure and Manage UNIX, Linux and Mac Systems.
  • Reduce the scope and related costs of PCI audits by focusing them on just the affected systems.
  • How Centrify DirectControl Implements Group Policy.
  • Top 5 'Must-Have' Group Policy Features that Only DirectControl Delivers.
  • Out-of-the-Box Policies Included with DirectControl.
  • Demonstration: Mac Desktop Lockdown with Windows Group Policy.
  • Questions and Answers.

Who Should Attend:
  • Linux, UNIX and Mac admins who need a concise overview of how Group Policy works and the benefits of using it to secure and manage their systems.
  • Windows admins who would like to understand what types of Linux, UNIX and Mac security and configuration settings they can control leveraging DirectControl's Group Policy solution.
  • IT security managers who are looking for a solution for global policy enforcement and compliance reporting across their cross-platform environment.
Featured Speakers

Jeremy Moskowitz
Author, Instructor, Infrastructure Architect, Moskowitz, Inc.
Jeremy Moskowitz is Chief Propeller-Head of Moskowitz, Inc. He is an independent consultant and trainer for Microsoft Windows and Linux technologies, specifically in the area of integration. He runs two community forums, and, that answer tough questions about Windows Group Policy and Windows/Linux integration. Jeremy's latest book, co-authored with Linux Propeller-head Tom Boutell, is entitled Windows and Linux Integration: Hands-on Solutions for a Mixed Environment (Sybex, 2005).

David McNeely David McNeely
Centrify Director of Product Management
David McNeely is a Director of Product Management at Centrify, and works with customers to drive the roadmap for Centrify's award-winning identity and access management solutions. David has worked in the identity and access management market for over 16 years, holding various product marketing and management positions at ActiveIdentity, AOL, iPlanet and Netscape. At Netscape and iPlanet he was the director of product management for the Directory and Security product line, where he first promoted the concept of a centralized directory for all identity and access management.

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