Beyond Logging: Addressing Security and Compliance with Detailed Audit Trails Linked to Active Directory

Part One of the Three Part Expert Webinar Series — Strengthen IT Security and Enhance Compliance by Leveraging Microsoft Active Directory for Cross-Platform Identity and Access Management.

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Featured Speakers

Perry Carpenter, Gartner Analyst will outline:

  • Critical features security solutions must have to address best practices for cross-platform environments, including UNIX and Linux systems.
  • The best ways to consistently comply with numerous regulatory requirements like PCI, SOX, FISMA, CobiT, GLBA, Basel II, and HIPAA (among many others).
  • The advantages of definitively tying audit trails to specific Active Directory identities.

David McNeely, Centrify Director of Product Management will discuss:

  • DirectAudit's ability to go beyond log aggregation and audit user session activity across heterogeneous systems.
  • How DirectControl leverages Active Directory infrastructure to support web application platforms such as Apache, WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss, and ERP apps like SAP.
  • DirectAudit's comprehensive logging capabilities that link individual unix login session activities to the actual AD Person responsible for the actions.
  • The diagnostic troubleshooting capabilities of DirectAudit, including the ability to replay and report on user activity (keystrokes as well as session output) to identify changes to key resources.
  • How DirectAudit helps prevent insider attacks through a central, real-time view of who has access to critical UNIX/Linux systems, and what they are doing.

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